How can I get started on Instagram?

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How can I get started on Instagram?

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Shrti answered 19-Mar-2021 by Shrti
Instagram is a photo and video sharing social networking platform founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger . Instagram is now owned by Facebook. 
Sharing photos and videos are not very complex on this social media platform i. e. Instagram. 
These are some simple steps you should follow for getting started with Instagram, 

First of all just download the app on your android or iOS. 
Or you can just simply go through the Instagram website which is .
 •Click on the Register button. When a new screen appears.
 •Type the Instragram username and password you’d like. Or you can click Use Your Facebook Info to sign up that way.

If you sign up with Facebook, you will have to allow the Instagram app to have access to your account so that Instagram can create your account and allow you to post photos to your Facebook Timeline.

You can click menu bar on Facebook and see a full menu. From here you can choose who can see things you update to Facebook from Instagram. You can  choose to Public, Friends , or Only Me . 
Now Click on the Done button at the top right corner.

Now you have an account on Instagram. When you open up Instagram, you see five navigation icons at the bottom of the screen, 

Home: This is your where you will see the pictures from people you are following.

Search: Use this page to explore friends, users or hashtags (#xyz).

Camera: You can take a new photo or you can use an existing photo from your photo gallery.

Likes: A list of people that have liked your photos. 

Profile: Control and manage your settings, share settings, privacy settings and here you can see the photos you have uploaded.

When want to take a picture and post it, you have to click the center camera button to take a picture. If you want to use a picture from your photo gallery, click the double squares icon at bottom of the camera page.

After you’ve taken a photo, you can edit it before uploading.You can

Add filters to your content.

Use the bright icon to enhance the image color.
When you’re done editing your photo, click the checkmark. A new screen opens where you can write a caption for your photo, now you can share it to your other social networks by clicking the Share button at the top of the screen and your photo shows up in the Instragram feed.