Did Instagram copy Polly's polls?

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Did Instagram copy Polly's polls?

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Harshal Vispute answered 11 days ago by Harshal Vispute
Yes or maybe not also that Instagram has copied Polly's polls, In its stories, Instagram has included a new function that allows users to create polls. Instagram now allows users to post a two-question poll above their stories that a friend may respond to with a tap. However, a similar multiple-choice polling feature launched by Polly and added onto Snapchat went popular among youngsters

Instagram has created a tool that allows users to create a question and automatically provides two default responses for each question: 'Yes' and 'No.' It has, however, given you the authority to alter or construct the answers as needed. Your friends' replies will be visible on the articles view count page.

Users may make their stories more participatory with this poll option, and no friend will be able to ignore their stories. Furthermore, we expect that multiple choice answers will be introduced shortly, surpassing the binary choice limit.

Instagram is also attempting to assist users with photo editing by introducing a new colour dropper option. You can use this tool to try out a colour from an image and then add text in the same shade. Additionally, users may more easily center images, level stickers, and text.

Instagram's eagerness to copy Snapchat's and other companies' creative and new features demonstrates its commitment to providing the finest possible functionality for its customers. This builds user trust and makes it easier for them to adopt and stick with Instagram.

Instagram, on the other hand, has shown the ability to rise above its arrogance and negative perception among critics. Although it is still unclear whether the idea and concept for this function began before Polly's launch.

It's a well-known fact that Instagram and Snapchat might create and launch their own polling tools as well. However, Instagram appears to have more features and flair, which could provide a challenge to any social media platform.