How health is wealth?

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How health is wealth?

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The answer to this question is really very simple and you could easily understand it. If a person is physically and mentally fit he/she can easily maintain his wealth but suppose if a person is dealing with stress or illness he/she will not be able to perform any type of work which requires physical or mental strength at required place and which can lead to loss of wealth.

How health is wealth?With the feverish pace and demands of recent life, many folks feel stressed and over-worked. It typically sounds like there's simply not enough time within the day to urge everything done.  

Many often we think to engage our self in meditation and exercise sessions but due to lack of time and our busy schedule, we miss it!
How health is wealth?
However, if we practice meditation or do a set of exercise on a daily basis just for 30-45 minutes it can offer a great impact on your whole body. You will feel relaxed in your busy schedule, you will take important decisions more sincerely, and your brain will get enhanced too.

there is numerous example of people who don't care about their health and make themselves busy in maintaining their wealth but at the end, they spend their wealth to maintain their wealth.

It's health that is real wealth, not the pieces of gold and silver- Mahatma Gandhi

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Very nicely answered.