What are Narendra Modi's educational qualifications?

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What are Narendra Modi's educational qualifications?

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The Indian Prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi may have a BA degree and a MA degree or what so ever or may not have any degree at all.
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Seriously, I don’t understand why people are so obsessed and gossiping about his qualifications.
It’s not like any entrance exam for IIT or any prestigious college where only people having particular qualifications are allowed to participate.
India is a democratic country and so are election for the post of Prime Minister that is the largest democracy in the World. People of the country have voted and elected him because of his good management and actions, despite of his educational qualifications.

So for those people who are so obsessed with Modi’s degrees, we should stop making nonsense remarks on the person posted on the most prestigious place of the country.
I think, Mr. Narendra Modi has done a lot of good and effective work for the country that even other highly qualified persons couldn’t do in the past.

We should stop blaming anyone and see how we are dedicated for our country at our places.
Be positive ! Be Happy!!