How to Invest in Mutual Fund?

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Manish Kumar asked 29-Dec-2017 in Finance by Manish Kumar

How to Invest in Mutual Fund?

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Shriyam Srivastava answered 06-Aug-2021 by Shriyam Srivastava

Mutual funds have been complicated to understand for many people. Due to a lack of financial knowledge and credibility, people often invest in non-genuine funds and suffer losses later. Only because of this reason, many are still scared in India to start an investment habit.

Earlier banks and other financial institutions used to deal with on-paper mutual fund services. But with the advancement of technology, it has become simpler to invest in mutual funds without the hassle of paperwork.

The only important things which are needed are:
1) KYC details in the form of Aadhar/PAN card
2) Thorough knowledge of mutual fund companies
3) An advisor who is financially fluent.

After fulfilling these requirements you can either browse through online websites or invest in your own favorite one through the offline medium. The choice is yours.