what are the top trends in digital marketing?

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what are the top trends in digital marketing?

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These were the top trends in Digital marketing in the year 2017:- 
Social media engagement
Social media analytics have gotten a lot of powerful, precise and easier to use. Marketers are going on the far side engagement rate as a result of they're in desperate want of tools for measuring the standard of content and also the most significant – ROI.
Instead of measurement single indicators of engagement like clicks or likes, we must always go additional and target following the full client path on its multiple touch points.

Being live on social network
Facebook and Instagram as well, has launched live video streaming feature and this feature is free for users who have their account on Facebook. This idea is to form the user feel additional real and to be additional interactive.
what are the top trends in digital marketing?
Content will be the foremost thing 
The content was and it will be the most integral part of this marketing strategy. An appropriate organized and meaningful content will help the audience to understand the business policies.

Comfort over niche
Main marketing objective will be to help people get better at their business. Folks who are interested towards a particular product or a service will be given a more priority and comfort through offers, discounts and much more attention seeking things.
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