how to resolve mojofailure exception in java

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ajay NAMDEV asked 13-Dec-2017 in Technology by ajay NAMDEV
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i am working on banking project in that in am using core java, maven, when i am trying to build the project getting unknown error mojofailureexception at particular folder in the project can anybody help me to resolve this issue.

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Anonymous User answered 18-Dec-2017 by Anonymous User

Mojofailure Exception In JAVA!

how to resolve mojofailure exception in java

Resolving the MojoFailure Exception in JAVA you could check out this…

At least one tests are not working.

Observe the documents situated at:


(regular the gigantic records contains an issue)

There you will discover the test outcomes, and the test hat is broken. The Stacktrace containing in this record two will control you to the issue.

Hope, this would solve your problem...

All The Best!

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Thanks for the answer.