Is Google+ worth for using in a business?

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Anonymous User asked 12-Dec-2017 in social networking by Anonymous User

Is Google+ worth for using in a business?

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Anonymous User answered 15-Feb-2018 by Anonymous User

Well, people talk so many things about Google+ and think it is simply a copycat of Facebook. Well, I personally think that Google+ has failed as a social network but still, it has a lot of think to offer.
Is Google+ worth for using in a business?

When you are promoting your brand online finding the targeted user is important. For example, if you are a job recruiter company, getting likes, comments or share from teenagers doesn’t improve your revenue. Your business page needs to connect with the relevant users because only the right individual can be converted into a loyal customer.

Since people are unfamiliar with Google plus, they are too hesitant to try it. They avoid this huge marketing platform just because “others/competitors” are not using it.

What I feel is “If nobody else is using it means less competition” and less competition is always good.