Which ministry bans the cattle slaughter Across India?

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Which ministry bans the cattle slaughter Across India?

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Cattle Carnage!

Which ministry bans the cattle slaughter Across India?

The rule sanctioned by the Government… Has taken away the conscious of all the impoverished farmers accompanied by the sealing of the nation’s meat industries which subjected to ban the carnage of cattle.

This law is legalized to abbreviate the cattle trade which would trim down the economy of the country by a Lac Rupees
The gargantuan impact would be faced by the Leather Traders and the people belonging to the Muslims communities and the farmers whose traditional source of income would be hampered by selling aged and non-milch cattle.
The regulations codified by the central government, that only the owners of the farmland are allowed to trade animals to the market which would include camels, buffaloes, heifers, bullocks, steers, calves and bulls trading.
Leading to the implementation of such a rule which incorporates a lot of paperwork thus making it difficult for the indigent and ignorant has to be implemented in the next three months thus, owners have to display their trading ownership and identity of the documents.

Following proofs copies, five in number should be submitted by the trader at the Local Revenue Office:
  • Local Veterinary Doctor available in the district of purchaser
  • Animal Market Committee
Which ministry bans the cattle slaughter Across India?
Taking the word into consideration that Animals are bought for farming reasons not for slaughtering thus, notified to the committee of the directives under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960 (PCA) which promotes the power of Animal Welfare.
The new rule was authorized by the former minister Anil Madhav Dave prior his death last week which drafted the enhanced condition of the cattle in the market by Supreme Court.
Been a politically sensitive topic since Narendra Modi took over the position of the Prime Minister. He enacted for the strict action against the cattle carnage thus making it an issue against the people belonging to the Muslims and Dalit communities.

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Its good to hear that some initiative like this is also been considered...!
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