When was the first cricket test match played?

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When was the first cricket test match played?

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A test is one of the lengthiest formats of cricket and is known for its highest standard. The first Test was held between Australia and England at the Melbourne cricket ground in which Australia managed to win the match by 45 runs. It was held on 19 March 1877, test crickets consist of 4 innings which both teams have the opportunity to bat and bowl two times.

The duration of a test match is 5 days now, however, earlier it was of 6 days as those time after 3 days of the match one day was given as rest day.

When was the first cricket test match played?

In the year 1977, a test match has been played at MCG (Melbourne cricket ground) for celebrating the 10th anniversary of the test matches and it's literally astonishing as Australia won the match from 45 runs just like they won 100 years back.
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