What Can Older People Learn From New Generation?

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What Can Older People Learn From New Generation?

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It is the biggest boon we all are blessed with!... We can start learning in any phase of life... Without been bumped by any situation.

What Can Older People Learn From New Generation?

Well, starting off with this fact that everybody needs to learn from one another, it is not only that old generation needs to learn from young generation…

Because each phase of life is important for each one of us… thus, making us learn the designed lessons for life which, I guess everybody should learn to live up to a better way of living and also getting to know about how exactly the lessons of life are integrated with us…

The qualities they should grip upon is that of love because as one grows older and older the essence of love demolishes and the only thing one left with, is been covetous.

I, understand that this is not true for all, but nowadays if you really observe what kind of scenario we are living in you would understand better… Well proceeding with the discussion further…

Presently, the world is running on the shoulders of “Technologies”. So, youths are graciously involved with this… But, what I have observed this Technologies is big predicament all the elder face…

And, the last but not the least, the courage towards acceptance… Whatever may the situation be youth just accept and move on… which, I have not espied in the elder generation... Where they are just stuck on to one particular situation and carried on with the fact throughout their life…

Hence, it is a topic of wrangle which can and sometimes cannot be justified… But, according to my view or perspective, these were the few fields where I believe younger generation are better than aged generation… and that is the fashion of how they think and process events…

Sticking on to this statement again that we all are here to learn at each phase of our life and thus enhancing our knowledge at each point in time…


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Nicely answered.