How can I learn to change chords better?

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How can I learn to change guitar chords better?

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I would like to congratulate you as you have chosen one of the best instrument to learn. Every musical instrument is beautiful, I am just sharing my personal experience with this particular instrument. So coming up to your question, learning guitar chords and changes really require a lot of effort and focus on a correct approach. Well, you should follow the steps given below: 

Take tuition
Going for tuition in a guitar training center would be the best as you will get a perfect atmosphere there for learning this amazing instrument. Guitar center consists of professional guitarist who induces you in the most appropriate way step by step.
How can I learn to change chords better?
Internet and YouTube 
If you are having problems in finding a tuition or having difficulty in going to guitar classes switch yourself towards internet and YouTube. Practicing and learning guitar on YouTube is possible when you put your 100% effort. On YouTube, you will get so many professional guitarists who provide guitars lesson for beginners and also offers lessons for advanced learning.
I would suggest you watch beginner lesson of Nate savage, an amazing guy you can also mail him and have a conversation about the things you got stuck. In my beginning period I use to watch his lesson and these are really productive.
As well on the internet, there are so many online courses you can register with and continue with the lesson from the beginning as according to your time. These courses also offer live interaction with guitarist and professionals which may help you in becoming a better guitar player.
Patience and practice
Have patience and practice at least 3-4 hours daily to get a place you desire to. You need to practice those chords as much as you can. Sometimes your fingertip may cut but all you need to do is practice. Guitar and music are really vast and you will never listen to the guitarist that he has nothing to learn all you will lesson is ‘I am still learning’.
How can I learn to change chords better?
Don’t get stucked
Try to keep learning new things and don’t get stuck with the things you already have learned. Sometimes it happens that you are playing a group of songs doesn’t matter it’s a lead or you are playing a chord and you don’t improvise yourself. It’s the most basic problem which every learner faces at times of his learning phase.

'guitar is really special if you will show correct approach towards it you can really become something else in this particular stream'