Difference between Section and Clause in Law

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Difference between Section and Clause in Law

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Well, they both perform a common function of categorizing the documents in a smaller portion to make legal things short and simple to understand and implement. The sections are mostly found in contracts whereas the clauses are there in constitutional acts.

Difference between Section and Clause in Law

Well, having a proper understanding of legal guidelines is really a hard work which really requires a lot of attention. There are so many terms which come across while going through a legal document as they are written in a way which could be understood by who are people in a legal profession. 

Section and clause are the most common terms which we hear when there any news regarding any act.

A section is used to simplify a contract so that it could get easy in reading and understanding. Section are generally found in the contract, different contracts are been categorized in a different section and these sections are been simplified into a subsection.

It is also a categorization but it is mostly found in the constitutional documents under the act. Clauses perform the activity of dividing the constitution along with act describing the law in detail for better understanding.
Clauses usually give additional information about the law. Assuming the fictional act above, a clause could add that although littering is punishable, in certain cases such as emergency, loitering could be acceptable.

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