for which should i go - fd or rd for investment?

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Manish Kumar asked 27-Nov-2017 in Business & Finance by Manish Kumar
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Anonymous User answered 21-Dec-2017 by Anonymous User

both fd and rd are the two different forms of investing your money in bank or financial institution. both are having their own pros and cons. based upon the needs of the investor, he/she can decide for which to go.lets take a look brief look at both:

Fixed deposits(fd)

A fixed deposit is a scheme issued by banks and regulated by sebi and rbi. in this one can deposit a lump-sum amount of money in bank for a fixed period of time. on the maturing date the bank will return the capital money plus the interest earned on it. the amount cannot be withdrawn before the maturity date. 

An investor should posses the lump-sum amount at the time of staring fd.

Recurring deposit(rd)

A recurring deposit is much like fd but the only difference is that, in this scheme the investor does not have to deposit whole money and can deposit on a monthly basis. for this he do not have to posses the whole amount. the interest is calculated quarterly and added with the total deposited amount on maturity.

now you can decide for what you can go!!

Happy investing!!