Should we be using Google+ for marketing?

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Should we be using Google+ for marketing?

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Should we be using Google+ for marketing?

Been a writer myself, I found Google+ as the prodigious tool that can be used for marketing… Personally, I am a very big fan myself of Google+, which enhances your growth in terms Content Sharing, SEO reasons and Branding. Thus, it was quite natural for me to have a shift on these digital mediums like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and thus help my content to get buffered.

Well, I am quite excited to share my views on the fact that, It is really been one of the amazing marketing tool used digitally.

1. Indexing of the Google+ contents are pretty much faster than any other social media for better search results :

Google+ pages are been in great help your SEO. It is fascinating SEM tool for influencers, Personal Branding, and Companies. Thus, partaking blogs on Google+ is the brilliant move altogether…

Sets a rank for your keywords, which otherwise won’t be possible

Grabbing the attention of the traffic via, your profile picture and your content which would further redirect them to your website

2. Everyone, You Email Can See Your Google+ Profile :

The Gmail account is been used by more than One Billion people every month. I am sure of this fact that you are been counted into the statistics. Thus, using a Gmail account would let your identity be known to those whom you are sending the mail. Hence, providing a lot of information about the one another which would include a bio, social links and many more…

Well, on the basis of the number of clicks over your profile would make you stand on the top in search. In such a way Google+ is been the marvelous tool used for marketing. 

3. There’s a Very Specific, Engaged Demographic on Google+ (Maybe Your Target Audience!) :

Having a look over the statistics, there has been a record that projects, there are 375 million people lies in the user category and around 2.2 Billion profiles on the Google+ as its account formation is been followed by the Gmail Account.

What I discovered most intriguing is the key socioeconomics from those dynamic Google+ clients.

It's regular to hear that Google+ is awesome for contacting individuals in tech and it could be genuine in light of this socioeconomics.  

This excellent infographic from Sprout Social clarifies more what socioeconomics look like for other informal organizations:  

In view of these there are a couple of things to note:  

  • Google+ has the most noteworthy proportion of men via web-based networking media at 73%  
  • And specifically, men in the United States with that as the area for 55% of clients
  •  Based on details depicting the best occupations, it's imaginable 78% of Google+ clients work in a part identified with tech.
  • On the off chance that that is your intended interest group, at that point you'll unquestionably have a higher probability of contacting them. Regardless of whether it isn't, Google+ still has a huge number of dynamic month to month clients, who are to state they won't be keen on your image or organization?

4. Google+ Communities are Powerful (and Popular):

Google as of late discharged the numbers for groups on Google+ as having 1.2 million day by day new group joins.  

So what is a group on Google+? As indicated by Google:  

  • Communities can have more than one proprietor and arbitrator, and other individuals can join that group  
  • When you're an individual from a group, you can post to that group. Individuals from that group may see your posts in their home stream

In case regardless you're beginning on Google+ and don't exactly have a following yet, presenting content on groups is an incredible approach to construct a crowd of people. A few working environments likewise utilize Google+ people group as an inward informal organization for representatives.

There are huge amounts of dynamic Google+ people group, there are only a couple of cases:  

  • Scene Photography, with about 1 million individuals  
  • Search engine optimization and Internet Marketing, with more than 150,000 individuals  
  • Online networking for Entrepreneurs, with more than 135,000 individuals  
  • Interesting Videos and Pictures, with more than 2.5 million individuals  
  • Working out, with more than 440,000 individuals 

5. These 10 Major Brands and Influencers Are Seeing Success on Google+ :

Sliding your fingers over the Google+, I observed that several influencers and brands were flooded over with their fans just like, National Geographic, NASA and Dalai Lama shares stunning photos and write-ups which have led to more than 7.5 million followers thus, showing up a vast engagement with people.

thus, these were the few essence how you can grow your brand over here...

I hope you found it useful!

All The Best!