What's the difference between UI and UX design?

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'Difference between UX and UI Design' :


UX Design
  •  UX Design stands for User Experience design.
  •  UX design is used in the internal experience that a person easily interacts with every aspect of company’s products and services.
  •  UX designers handle a lot of the research that will validate or invalidate and also guide the development of the product.
  • Generally, talking about UX design, then it behaves as a digital design.

UI Design
  • UI refers to the term User Interface Design.
  •  It is a collection of screens, pages, document, images, video and other elements like- text field, icon, button, drop-down lists etc. that’s you easily interact with the device.
  • User Interface Design is generally used in the visual design and information design around the screens.
  •  It is a point of interaction between the users and the software or hardware devices that’s are using.
  •  UI Design generally has done with pen, pencil and computer software, or build directly by the code or different materials.

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