Who was Mahatma Gandhi?

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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi!

“Bapu Ji” or Mahatma Gandhi was the son of a Dewan of Porbandar State, born on 2nd of October 1869 at Porbandar in Gujrat.

He got married at an early age of thirteen to a beautiful lady named Kasturba and later, he left for England to become a barrister.

He initiated a freedom movement against the rulers of British in South Africa which he continued in India also and won the independence in 1947.

Mahatma Gandhi: Life of Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhism & Non-Violence: He took as gospel in love and non-violence. He lived his life as a saint thus he suffered a lot to feel the triumph of Truth. Hence, he was completely contra to injustice and untouchability among the community. His heart cried out loud for the impoverished and persecutors and thus stated: “All Men are Equal”. He dreamed of Ram Rajya in which each one could live peacefully. Being contrary to the modern development, he requested his compatriot to habitat in villages. Due to his philosophies and accomplishment, he was considered to be “Great Soul” and been named as Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhian Philosophy of Truth and Non-violence (Ahimsa)

Freedom Struggle in India: He returned back to India with the help of his mentor Gopal Krishna Gokhale post 21 years been in South Africa. As he returned back he assured his place as the president of Indian National Congress. He never left his loyalty towards his principles of being truthful, non-violence and peace though contending against the ruler of British. Launching the Quit India Movement in the year of 1942, to abolish the Britishers from the country and started a slogan of “Do or Die” for his compatriot. Though the victory was not sudden the independence was acknowledged in 1945.

Death & Memory: On 30th of January, 1948, this great son of the nation was shot to death. But he has secured a special place in every Indian’s heart forever.

Let us all take the tour of his life... what all he went through... and Who is Mahatma Gandhi...

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