how to troubleshoot power failures in laptops?

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how to troubleshoot power failures in laptops?

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Power failure is a genuine issue in laptops if a particular laptop is been used on a regular basis. One doesn't need to worry much about these issues much as you can troubleshoot it by applying a bit your mind and time too.

Follow the mentioned steps to rectify the issue of the problem of power failure:
  •  At first check the power source of your ac adaptor whether it is plugged in properly or not. At times of plugging in the adaptor, we carelessly don’t see it.
  • If it won’t work take out the battery of your laptop and press the power button at least for 20 seconds and try to boot once again connecting it to the AC adaptor only.
  • Try changing your power source and plug in your AC adaptor in any other switchboard. As there could be chances that the switchboard in which you have connected your laptop isn’t getting proper supply of electricity.
  •  After pressing the power button if you are able to hear some voices from inside of your laptop and you are getting a blank screen then try to connect it with an external monitor just to check whether there is display home screen or not. By doing this you can exactly know whether your laptop display is in the proper state or not.
  • If you are comfortable with opening up your laptop just try to take out the ram and insert it after a couple of seconds.
  • You can also purchase a new AC adaptor and try plugging your laptop into it. It may cost you few bucks but it could an alternative reason for your power failure.

But even after following these steps problem isn’t resolved, I would suggest you contact a service center as it could be a problem of the motherboard which could be resolved by the professionals. There are issues which can only be rectified in the laptop service center so there is no need of fixing errors in which you are not having proper knowledge.

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