What is the relationship between science and spirituality?

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What is the relationship between science and spirituality?

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Science and Spirituality!

It is two wing of the same bird!

Today, youth believe in logic, experiment, and output for all the word in existence…thus a good effort to seek knowledge in an expanded form…
Well, science has always backed spirituality. Hence, it would never be a prejudice for spirituality.

Let us all learn about what exactly is the relation between “Science & Spirituality!”…

Science is “Truth” & Spirituality is a believer in “Truth”!

Well, everyone is pretty much aware of what science is but spirituality is been a controversial topic since, ever… I feel that Spirituality is something to experience but not a theory to learn…
So, take 5 minutes out of your precious time and let us, all experience what spirituality is… :) 
Starting off with.....!

Relaxation & Meditation Technique:


An incredible experience which focuses, meditating over heart, not brain! Now you might be thinking that, we were discussing the relationship between science and spirituality, how come this particular video explains the relationship between them…
Now, I will discuss with you all about the scientific reason, why one should meditate. Divide into 7 different sectors:
  • • Health Enhancement
  • • Start Being Happy
  • • Betterment of your Social Life
  • • Control over your consciousness
  • • Change in Wiring of Brain
  • • Heights in Productivity
  • • Transforming you into a Wiser Being
Logically correct to digest according to the knowledge pursued by the sources… Haha! Internet can be one of our teachers ;)
But you can see the result as follows: 

when somebody asked me....
Often individuals take out of curiosity, “Why does one meditate?
I may answer, “To regulate the mind.”
Why does one get to regulate the mind?
To attain a state of peace.
But what will you are doing with a regulated mind, with the stillness and tranquility that exists
within you, once you meditate?

This is a wise and stimulating line of inquiry.

What will we tend to do therewith pondering expertise that helps us to rise on top of fickle tempers and ascend the pedestal of a gentle and unruffled peace?

A lot is feasible.

When peace prevails inside us, and our hearts are serene and content, will we tend to fight with one another? once we are in a very calm state and that we act with family and community members, co-workers, and strangers, are we tend to less tactful of their worries, their troubles and conjointly kinder in our response? once we read a book in a very tranquil state, can we tend to not perceive its message better?

But, why one should meditate on the heart and not brain when all the activities are been done by our brain…? That is still a question to answer…

Yes! You are absolutely right but the heart is been considered to be filled with intrinsic goodness which would never let to think as the heart has the brain of its own. Let us take a small example if someone asks for your name? Then immediately you answer the question without giving a thought, which is because the statement you mentioned is true, but if in case you might have lied, you always give it a thought to what you are speaking…

Hence, to power the voice of heart you would have to in the meditative state throughout to be natural in state or in tune with nature!

It is been all the part of experimenting and analysis… The moment you start experimenting the more you would relate to what exactly the term means to you, as the depth of it you can only get to know when you are introspecting within. Thus, cycling with the process again.

What expert has to say!
What is the relationship between science and spirituality?

Well, a lot has been described, how this relationship has been walking hand in hand…

Thus enjoy this relation and imbibe the knowledge of your growth physically, mentally and spiritually.

Let’s Meditate!