How many bits are used in the address bus?

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How many bits are used in the address bus?

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Knowing about the facts on address bus…

Let us understand what a bus is…
How many bits are used in the address bus?

A bus is a system for communication included in a computer architecture. That helps in transfer of data between inter-computers components or within computer components.

Well, it is not yet over…
We are also blessed up with three types of bus, which are introduced in our architecture:

  • Address Bus
  •  Data Bus
  •  Control Bus
Exploring in depth about them…

Address Bus:
They have been the bus used for the memory allocation for the data in a system. It is Uni-Directional in its function.

Data Bus:
Data Buses are been used for transfer of data from one component to another component of the system. It is generally Bi-Directional in nature.

Control Bus:
Control Bus is been used for sending out the electrical signals as interrupts for controlling the certain important functioning of the system. It is considered to be Uni-Directional or Bi-Directional according to the condition it has to function or take an action upon.

Landing down onto the query...

Well, understanding the concept of the same, Address bus is used for allocating the memory location to data as mentioned above. Since 8 bits form a byte thus, the memory space allocation depends on the number of bits consist a memory and the size of the bus depends on the same.

Let us understand for an example:
If a system has 32-bit of an address bus, it confirms for the allotment of 2^32 memory location.
 Thus, the number of bits used by the address bus entirely depends on the memory space of the system. It can of 8-bits, 16-bits, 32-bits and so on…

Thus, this gives the overall understanding of the Buses and its functioning.

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