What is hot backup and logical backup?

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What is hot backup and logical backup?

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Arti Mishra answered 16-Jul-2018 by Arti Mishra

Hot Backup : 

Hot backup is those type of backup where you can take the Backup while Database (eg. Oracle) is running state. In a hot backup, the database remains open all times and available for users. When you copied any files of the database, after that any save changes occur on a database then changes files are copied during backup must be saved too.

Logical Backup :
Logical backups are those types of backups in which the export utility (for eg Exp) uses SQL to read data from the database and then export it into a binary file at the operating system levels. You can also import the data backup into a database using the import utility (Imp). The Oracle Export Utility can create a file that contains many types of objects in a particular schema.

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