What are the types of photography?

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What are the types of photography?

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You should find a good article about it and courses related to it. then you will have a clearer idea. i think

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1. Aerial Photography
2. Architectural photography
3. Candid photography
4. Documentary photography
5. Fashion photography
6. Food photography
7. Landscape photography
8. Night-long exposure photography
9. Conceptual/ fine art photography
10. Sport photography
11. Street photography
12. War photography
13. Wildlife photography
14. Photojournalism
15. Portraiture
16. Wedding photography
17. Nature Photography
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Photography is fun but clicking pictures with your camera doesn’t give you a title of photographer. You may have seen people around you clicking pictures with their digital camera but that doesn’t makes them a photographer. As holding a professional camera doesn’t makes you a photographer, one has to work hard for it. So as you asked about different type’s photography you will get to know what efforts it asks for.

At times you visit social media, magazines or television and get to see pictures of wildlife, some landscape or fashion shoot which directly sticks to your head or you get lost in it that’s what photography is all about.
There was time when photography was just about smiling in front of camera lens but over years things really got changed. There are different types of photography as well as there are so numbers I am picking up 5 among them.

Fashion photography
A fashion photograph is, simply, a photograph created specifically to point out (or, in some cases, to advert to) wear or accessories, typically with the intent of documenting or mercantilism the style. Images of trendy dress, existing since the invention of photography in 1839.
What are the types of photography?
The characteristic feature—and the common divisor within the monumental diversity of favor, approach, and content—is the style photograph's intent to convey fashion or a 'fashionable' fashion. Fashion photography uses celebs generally to advertise and appeal a mass audience and there uncountable number of followers. These photography are also done for magazine you may have seen GQ and Maxim.

Nature/landscape photography
Nature photography focuses on landscapes, life and flora as they're found in their natural surroundings. Pictures of nature provides glimpses of animals, forests or mountains that will not be seen in the flesh. Several nature photographers attempt to educate folks regarding the wonder of nature, typically with the hope that a lot of folks are going to be impressed to assist the surroundings.
What are the types of photography?
prime motive of  natural or landscape photography is to capture subject with the smallest amount of disruption to the subject’s surroundings. Photographer mustn’t cause destruction, harming the flora or fauna, in his arrange to photograph his subject. It is also not suggested to do and act with wild animals or arrange to manipulate an issue to get the required shot. The top result ought to be Associate in nursing correct presentation of the animal’s or plant’s state.

Low light photography  
Low light photography is all concerning capturing a decent image with lowest illumination. Basically, this suggests keeping the shutter open long enough and wide enough to let in ample light-weight. On the far side the fundamentals, today's cameras embody many options to enhance a dimly-lit image, as well as changes for flash, color, focus and depth of field. Well for making a perfect shot in low light mostly photographers uses tripod stand as it avoid more stability.
What are the types of photography?
Wildlife photography
As it has name of wildlife you may have got an idea about what it is! Well you have got it right wildlife photography consist of photography of wild animals and wildlife. This photography requires a lot of effort and daring too as most of the time a photographer has to counter a wild animal for a perfect picture.
Photographer are been allowed to visit national parks and wildlife sanctuaries after getting permit. As in the earlier line I mentioned that this type of photography is really not easy. Photographer don’t move for hours some times to capture one perfect shot.
What are the types of photography?
Candid photography
This photography is really special and natural one, as in this photography object don’t have an idea from where or which angle a picture is going to be clicked. Candid pictures of any object are the most beautiful one as it doesn’t asks to pose in different ways. Candid photography is one of the most popular genre in photography world. Most of the time you may have seen in your gallery that an untimed picture looks more ardent.
What are the types of photography?
there are many more types of photography which are really amazing just like theses mentioned above.

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manthan gajjar answered 31-Jan-2018 by manthan gajjar

there are tons of different types of photography available in this world.

if you are a photographer and don't know which genres of photography is best for you and want to know more types of photography or we can say different types of photography jobs then this article is for you.

I saw so many people which are better at photography but they don't follow or choose the best genres of photography

and at the end, they don't earn well or also not able to capture beautiful images. or some of them are 'totally confused' between all of these types of photography.

so after all these are the main reason behind that is they didn't choose the proper type of photography, or many of them don't know more than 10+ types of photography.

yes!!! its totally surprising to me and I know for you too.

but now you are totally safe here, in this article you find lots of new genres of photography which are also trending in the market right now with very low competition.

in short low competition means more money with less hard work and more smart work.

in this article, if you find more then three genres of photography which you are not familiar with it, then please comment below and let me know which are the best curious photographer in the world right now.

now let's see all of the best types of photography.

Types Of photography


1 - portrait photography 

2 - black and white photography 

3 - new born baby photography

4 - macro photography

5 - stock photography

6 - Travel photography

7 - fashion photography

8 - landscape photography

9 - family photography

10 - Food photography

11 - on flash photography 

12 - HDR photography

13 - wedding photography

14 - wildlife photography

15-nature photography

16- beauty photography

17 - Still Life Photography

18 - Abstract photography

19 - drone photography

20 -  time lapse photography

21 - Rain Photography

22 - Hi speed photography

23 - panoramic photography

24- Architectural photography

25- Candid photography

26 - Documentary photography

Find other 44+ diffrent types of photography with Examples here - http://photographywith.com/trending-types-of-photography-jobs-idea-example-2018/

thank you.

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In addition to the previous great answers, here is also my List of Types Of Photography You can Follow.

Aerial Photography

Architecture Photography

Astro Photography

Automobile Photography

Black & White Photography

Composite Photography

Documentary Photography

Event Photography

Fashion Photography

Fine Art Photography

For the Full list, You can also see here the Types of Photography.