Does technology make us more alone.

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Does technology make us more alone.

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“Technologies make us alone!”

Does technology make us more alone.

No wonder it’s a boon for all of us, but need to give a thought to it… Does it make us left with no one…?

Well, you need to start introspecting on it whether it does or not?

It will totally depend on the “watch”… Kidding, on how much time do you spend on your cool gadgets?

If I analyze a scenario nowadays everywhere people are just into technologies… hence, their condition is such where they think that it is making our relationships closer but, Do we really are…?
Well, let us do some practice on our own-self… When you are using a technology for connecting with people… Let us say that person is your best friend…. You talk a lot about a call but now go in front of your best friend physically, it happens that you might not get a word to speak of his face… Well, that is because you been habituated to technologies and when really in front you just do not get an idea… How to converse..? It happens because you have a control over technology but you have any control over the real-time encounters…
Well, a small example… 

A different perspective on the same question but, before that a question for you…
How much time do you think, you spend with your family or close ones in these 24 hours?
A question that, would have made you obliged to give it a thought
As you start figuring out the time that you share with your loved ones you will again be trapped or would depend on the technology for this answer…. No doubt it had made things easy for us but… you cannot just run away from this very fact that you are been totally dependent on these so-called “Technologies” and hence slowly you have a created a distance from your relationships that you cannot even bridge again…
Think about it on what sake are you spending those valuable time over you so-called “Technologies/ your super cool gadgets

Hopefully, this question will make a way towards your query…

All The Best!

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