What is Lightscribe System Software?

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What is Lightscribe System Software?

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LightScribe is a direct disc-labeling system that makes creating exact silkscreen-quality labels for discs a breeze. It's as simple as burning, flipping the disc, and burning again. Using your computer's LightScribe-enabled DVD drive, upgraded disc-labeling software, and specially coated CD or DVD discs, you can create a label.

An optical laser is used by a LightScribe-enabled DVD player to burn an image onto the thin dye coating on the label side of a LightScribe disc. There is no ink to smudge, no paper to curl, and no sticky glue to cause problems with the LightScribe labeling method.

The LightScribe logo can be found on the retail package as well as the interior area of the disc. Although some LightScribe-enabled slimline drives do not have enough space on the drive tray cover for a LightScribe logo or name, all LightScribe-enabled computers should have a LightScribe logo sticker. The presence of a disc encoder sensor also shows that a slimline drive is LightScribe compatible.

The following four items are required to create a LightScribe label:
  • A drive that supports LightScribe.
  • Software for the LightScribe system. Your LightScribe-enabled PC already has this installed.
  • Labeling software creates your label content and sends it to the LightScribe drive for burning. Sonic Express and Intervideo DiscLabel are two examples of software that come pre-installed on some systems.
CDs and DVDs having a coating designed to respond to the laser from LightScribe-enabled drives are known as LightScribe media.