What is human resources management?

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What is human resources management?

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Human Resource Management is basically a method of enlisting and choosing worker, providing orientation and induction, coaching and development, assessment of worker (performance of appraisal), providing compensation and advantages, motivating, maintaining correct relations with staff and with trade unions, maintaining staff safety, and welfare and health measures in compliance with labour laws of the land.

Altogether, human resource management is that the method of correct and maximize utilization of obtainable restricted mean force. The core purpose of the human resource management is to create economical use of existing human resource within the organization. The simplest example at the present scenario is, industry has been facing serious shortage of man force. It’s expected to triple within the next decade from the current thirty per cent, can negatively impact the productivity of the world, warn business consultants.

Every organizations want is to possess mean and competent individuals to create their organization more practical than their competitors. Human’s are  vital assets for the organization instead of land and buildings, while not staff (humans) no activity within the organization is done. Machines square measure meant to provide a lot of product with sensible quality however they ought to get operated by the human solely.

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