Is Technology good or bad?

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Is Technology good or bad?

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Technology no doubt is a boon to our existence…

Is Technology good or bad?

But as per the Hindi saying, “A lot of sweetness, invites an ant over!!”

Well, explaining up to this particular saying everything is important for our existence but they come up with their own pros and cons…

So, in the same fashion, technology has its own baggage of sweetness too…

Technology has brought a lot of changes... I think so just talking would not be a complete information that could support my logic… So, let us take a tour of the world of technology…

Hence, listing down the top five technologies and knowing about them in brief:

1. Reversing Paralysis

This technology helps in curing paraplegia which is regaining control over a leg. A wireless technology which is been implanted in the brain forms a bridge between brain and the spinal cord. Hence, when the brain gives a signal to the spinal cord it starts the normal functioning of the leg with the help of spinal cord. Let us have a close look at this beautiful innovation which can change someone’s life!

Is Technology good or bad?

2. Self-Driving Trucks 

Daimler, the German multinational automobile has been working on this commendable project, this project will have a moving 4-wheels without a physical driver in it…Well, surprised haan! This is how technologies are tapping every shoulder of the existence. Would like to take a tour of this invention, please click on the link below the snap of this damn gorgeous invention.

Is Technology good or bad?

3. Paying with your face 

The time has arrived when one can roam hassled free, without any worries about your cards, cash or cell phones…Please welcome the technology which allows you to get the payment done through your face…Interesting isn’t it. Well! Well! Well!. This technology be soon in our market to blow up our minds, been launched in China by Alipay, uses your face as a wallet and payment done! It uses the face recognition concept with the help of business and government agencies. Let us see how this particular magic actually works!

Is Technology good or bad?

4. Practical Quantum Computers 

These computers work on qubits…What are they? Well, they are quite similar to the 0 and 1 of our usual computers. You might be thinking how this computer would be efficient than the usual one... I have an answer to this as well, this particular computer has a rapid processing than the usual ones as they function using quantum bits. Excited to know more…!!! Let us see then...

Is Technology good or bad?

5. 360 Degree Selfie 

An imaginary design of a camera by Ricoh Theta-360, which assures to take a snap over 360 degrees…A wide lens of this camera is unveiling the new era of photography ahead in future. Being so handy that people can carry it easily anywhere and at any time…Hold on your chair “Selfie Lovers”

Is Technology good or bad?

So, you got an amazing trip for the upcoming latest technologies…Would like to add a cautious note: “Everything is been invented to make self-work easy but you need to be careful about the fact that table may turn around, and the same technology can ruin us too…” 

These statements, I mentioned, I just wanted to clear of this fact that “Technologies are boon with a baggage of curse added…” 

Hope, you enjoyed the innovative tour of this tech-savvy world! 

All The Best! & Use Wisely!