What does ERP mean?

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What does ERP mean?

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        What does ERP mean?

Well!! There are many definitions of ERP on the internet and yes they are confusing. Most of the websites have their own definition of ERP, and one ERP implementation can vary widely from the next.

Here's your answer about ERPs.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, but only its full name doesn’t depict what ERP actually is or what did it work for. For deeper understanding, you must go a little back and note all the process that are required to run a business. The processes may be management of inventory and orders, accounting, human resources, customer relationship management (CRM), and many more.

Basically, an ERP software integrates these various functions into one complete system to line-up all the processes and information across the entire organization.

The main features of ERP system includes a shared or distributed database that supports various functions that can be used by the different business desks. Like, all the employees on their respective desks can rely on the same system to accomplish their task.

The additional feature that ERP software provide is the degree of synchronized reporting and automation. It freed the employees to maintain separate databases and spreadsheets that have to be manually merged to generate reports, some ERP solutions allow staff to integrate reports from one system.
Other common ERP features provides a portal to enable employees to quickly understand the business' performance on key metrics.

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