What is language arts?

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What is language arts?

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Anything which is in the reference to reading, listening, handwriting, speaking in a particular selected language is considered as the part of language arts stream.

Now, what exactly is the language art?
What is language arts?
Art is considered as the way of expressing thoughts which are done in many ways such as music, acting, painting, dancing, designing etc. The primary motive of art is communicating the thoughts and ideas. Now adding the word language in it makes it language art, in simple terms language arts can be understood as the language used to express and communicate thoughts is considered as language art.

Language art is an area of activity under which student are explained and taught the skills required to become professional in using the language.
The knowledge of language art helps student shape their life by becoming knowledgeable and being better thinkers.
Gadgets and computer might allow us to share thoughts faster and that too at a long distance but it could be used efficiently if one is skilled in the basics of language arts.

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