What is tally accounting?

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What is tally accounting?

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Tally is popularly referred to as associate accounting software system for little and medium businesses. Tally accounting is extremely capable of doing all the functions of accounting that a very mid-sized business has. The users who have used tally accounting at professional level know this very clearly.
Not this much Tally accounting is way more than that.

Tally isn't simply associate accounting software system. After the launch of ERP version of Tally, the aptitude and functioning of Tally are far additional widened and extended to a good extent.
For example (I provide this instance typically to numerous people) did you recognize that you just maintain staff data in Tally?
Right from his/her name to everything regarding duties, work, profile, teams and then on. This can be may well be a good feature if a business includes a range of staff operating within the business.
This was just a simple example to explain what tally accounting is capable of however there are lot more.

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