How to connect computer to tv?

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How to connect computer to tv?

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1. A male-to-male HDMI cable connects your PC to your TV. The computer's HDMI port and the TV's HDMI port will be identical, and the HDMI cable should have the same connector on both ends.
  • If your TV has more than one HDMI port, make a note of the one you use.

2. Change the television's input. To change the TV's input to HDMI, use the buttons on the TV or the TV remote to push the Input button.

  • Choose the HDMI port that is connected to the computer if your TV has multiple HDMI ports.
  • When a signal is detected, certain TVs may do this automatically.

3. Select Display Settings from the context menu by right-clicking on the desktop. This will take you to the display options menu.

4. Select Detect from the menu. This instructs the computer to look for the connected television. In the display settings window, see if there are two squares labeled 1 and 2.

  • It's possible that your computer has previously detected your television.

5. Select Identify from the menu. This will display a label on each screen, indicating which number is assigned to your computer monitor and which number is assigned to your television ('1' being the main display and '2' being the secondary display).

6. Select an option from the 'Multiple displays' drop-down box. This will give you a few alternatives for displaying your computer on your television. The choices are as follows:

  • Make a copy of these displays. This will display on your TV exactly what is on your computer screen.
  • Extend the scope of these exhibits. As a result, your TV will become an extension of your desktop.
  • Only 1 will be shown. This will switch off the second display.
  • Show exclusively on channel 2. This will disable disabling.

7. Apply the changes. This will alter your display settings and apply them to both your computer monitor and your television. Your computer and TV should now be linked.

  • You can further adjust each display by selecting Advanced display settings after clicking on its numbered square. To modify the orientation of the two displays, drag and rearrange the squares.