What do you mean by a responsive website?

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What do you mean by a responsive website?

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What do you mean by a responsive website?Responsive website style (RWD) permits site designers to make once and publish an equivalent content all over, for all devices. It’s an internet site development philosophy of rendering websites in associate degree economical, optimized and easy-to-read format across a range of devices and net browsers on completely different platforms. in-short a responsible website is website which is compatible in all devices and has adjustable layouts and grid.

Flexible layouts - employing a versatile grid to make the web site layout which will dynamically size to any dimension.
Media queries - associate degree extension to media varieties once targeting and together with designs. Media queries enable designers to specify completely different designs for specific browser and device circumstances.
Flexible media - Makes media (images, video and different formats) ascendible, by dynamic the scale of the media because the size of the view port changes.

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