What is the state management in ASP.NET?

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What is the state management in ASP.NET?

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“State Management in ASP.NET”
In the ASP.NET programming language, MVC provides the state management techniques that are used for maintaining the data when we redirect from one web page to another webpage or reloading the current webpage. There are several techniques where we can manage it. Like using- 
1. Cookie
2. Hidden Field
3. Query String
4. ViewData
5. Big Data
6. TempData
Above object is used for passing data from the controller to view the next request.

What is the state management in ASP.NET?

Client-Side State Management
Client-side state management based on user information, which is stored on clients computers.

Server-Side State Management
It is different from client-side state management but all the functionality and working are same. In server-side state management, all the information are stored on a database or server.

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