How to lose weight well?

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Sophia Morrow asked 15-Nov-2017 in Health by Sophia Morrow

How to lose weight well?

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akriti kashyap answered 16-Nov-2017 by akriti kashyap

Want to Lose Extra Fats!

Well, this is been one of the famous time passes of mine…

I believe in being fit and healthy…

Few of the following ways are been numbered for you to gain good healthy & fit body:

1. The first intake should be a glass of warm water
How to lose weight well?

2. If you are a working being then, divide your meals into small chunks, have small meals 5 times a day
How to lose weight well?

3. Have intake of protein-rich meals than carbohydrates 
How to lose weight well?

4. Doing a regular exercise especially Cardio exercises, for minimum of 30 mins a day
How to lose weight well?

5. Take a good amount of water intake as this also helps in dissolving your fats
How to lose weight well?

6. Meditation
How to lose weight well?

Well, these were my way of been fit & healthy

Hope this particular routine of mine suites you too…

All The Best!

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Vishal Kesarwani answered 16-Nov-2017 by Vishal Kesarwani

Being fit isn’t a fad or a trend it’s a lifestyle. Being fit also doesn’t mean having a ripped 6pack abs physique or being a builder. Well as you asked how to lose weight, I just want to tell you that there are uncountable numbers of things which can help you in reducing your weight all you need to do is putting some effort. Fitness not only requires getting a perfectly shaped body but it also means mental fitness and strength of your body.  

Losing weight will require a lot of effort and you know what weight you have gained. I would suggest you to follow these 5 steps which will help you in shredding you fat and get a perfect shape for your body.

Losing weight doesn’t ask you to stop eating food but it suggests eating the correct food which are rich in protein, minerals and other nutrients. Your breakfast should be having lots of fruits and you also need to avoid oily and stuffs which contain lot of fat in it. You must try to eat more and more protein rich diet. You can make a week diet plan and you should strictly follow it. Your diet plays the most important role in shredding up your weight.
How to lose weight well?
Gym or exercising daily
If you are having enough time and your schedule allows you some hours you must utilize it in either by going gym regularly or exercising daily because it will be totally worth of your time. Gym could be far better from exercising daily if you are ready to push yourself into it.
As gym gives you atmosphere of people talking only about making a perfect shape of your body and there will be trainers as well who will motivate you to put some effort. If you show dedication towards it you will definitely get a desired  shape of your body.
How to lose weight well?
Cardio vascular sessions
For a cardio vascular sessions first you must make up your mind as it’s the hardest among all the steps. Cardio vascular requires lot of strength and strain of your body. One thing is for sure if you make up your mind and make yourself comfortable for the pain you will get initially in cardio sessions you will experience a lean physique.
How to lose weight well?
If you don’t want to push yourself into lifting heaving weights and making a ripped physique you must go on with yoga. It’s an ancient way of exercising which was been discovered by great Rishi (intellectuals) of our country.
Yoga is said to be one of the finest exercising practices which helps not only in making excellent fitness but also healing diseases from a human body. Yoga has several postures generally called as Aasans which have different names. By practicing yoga a person can feel relaxation, flexibility and healthiness in his body.
How to lose weight well?
Running and Cycling
If you are busy with your hectic schedule and you are unable to participate in gym and yoga sessions you must try cycling and jogging along with a strict diet. Running in morning or cycling as well helps your body get contracted and improves the rate of blood circulation throughout your body. Running helps in burning your calorie and reduce the extra fat available in your body. Running induces your stamina and strength too.
How to lose weight well?
hope you will follow the mentioned step and will come up with a perfect shape.   

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got motivated thanks buddy!
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