What is the role of IEEE in computer networking?

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What is the role of IEEE in computer networking?

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Harshal Vispute answered 02-Nov-2021 by Harshal Vispute
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a global professional association dedicated to the creation, implementation, and maintenance of technology-based goods and services.
IEEE is a non-profit organization that was established in 1963. Its main purpose is to advance the electrical and electronic development sector through innovation, education, and standardization. It is best recognized for developing IEEE 802.11 wireless standards.

IEEE primarily develop new electronic goods and services, creates industry standards, and disseminates, publishes, and promotes industrial information through journals, conferences, and collaborations with academic institutions. Electrical, electronics, computer engineering, computer science, information technology, and most of their associated fields are IEEE's primary areas of interest.

IEEE is well-known in the computing world for developing standards for computer networking and related services. IEEE creates a variety of standards, including IEEE 802 and IEEE 802.11 (often known as Wi-Fi), and provides continuing innovation, revisions, and maintenance for these standards. IEEE also boasts hundreds of student and professional chapters around the world, as well as various focus societies and conferences, and seminars. Despite the fact that the organization is established in the United States, its standards are frequently accepted abroad.