What is full form of PCS?

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What is full form of PCS?

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What is full form of PCS?

It is been designated as Provincial Civil Services which is also been known as State Civil Services and all the employees work under the state government which are non-transferable under other state governments because every state conducts this examination in multi-layer fashion to recruit employee.


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Vishal Kesarwani answered 26-Dec-2017 by Vishal Kesarwani

Provincial Civil Service is the full form of PCS, it’s a state level civil service. The employee is worked with the State Government and they are not transferred to other states.

Each and every state has its own Civil service commission who has the authority to organize a particular exam for the selection of a particular employee.

Well, there are other meanings also of PCS which are as following:
  •  PCS - Portable character set
  •  PCS - Procedure completion sheet
  •  PCS - Pressure control system
  •  PCS - Portable computer system
  •  PCS - Power conversion system
  •  PCS - Primary coolant system
  •  PCS - Predefined command sequence
  •  PCS - Personal communication service
  •  PCS - Payload checkout system
  •  PCS - Payload control supervisor
  •  PCS - Pointing control system
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