How do you buy and sell shares?

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How do you buy and sell shares?

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By using a broker or a broking service one can easily purchase and sell shares easily from the share market. It is one of the most simple and common ways of purchasing and selling shares and is being followed worldwide.
You can conjointly obtain shares through a prospectus after they area unit 1st placed on the market or indirectly through a managed fund. Otherwise to shop for shares is thru Associate in nursing worker share theme.

Five stuff you should in keep in mind before purchasing a share:
1. You own a locality of the business
2. Within the short, the worth of the share will wildly fluctuate
3. Perpetually invest for the semi-permanent
4. Decide what quantity you would like to take a position
5. Do not trust only on 'good advice'

Five stuff you should in keep in mind before selling a share:
1. Consumers won’t pay a lot of for potential.
2. Consumers have an interest in profits, not revenue.
3. Consumers expect verifiable money claims.
4. Do not sleep in the past.
5. Honesty is that the best policy.

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Nice Answer. Thank You for the guidance.