What is a stock exchange?

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What is a stock exchange?

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An exchange doesn't own shares. Instead, it acts as a market wherever stock patrons connect with stock sellers. Stocks are listed on one or a lot of many potential exchanges like the Bombay stock exchange (BSE).

Though you'll presumably trade stocks through a broker, it's necessary to know the connection between exchanges and corporations, and therefore the ways that during which the wants of various exchanges shield investors. What is a stock exchange?

List of top fifteen  stock exchange across the world:

1. The New York Stock Exchange


3. London Stock Exchange

4. Tokyo Stock Exchange

5. Shanghai Stock Exchange

6. Hong Kong Stock Exchange

7. Euronext

8. Shenzhen Stock Exchange

9. TMX Group

10. Deutsche Börse

11. Bombay Stock Exchange

12. National Stock Exchange of India

13. SIX Swiss Exchange

14. Australian Securities Exchange

15. Korea Exchange