Why Are Earthquakes in Iran So Deadly ?

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Why Are Earthquakes in Iran So Deadly ?

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Why Are Earthquakes in Iran So Deadly ?Earthquakes are deadly no matter where it comes. earthquakes are one most the deadliest natural disaster humanity have ever noticed. An earthquakes takes everything from people their lives, families, property and even their hope for living. Last Sunday wasn’t the same Sunday as people of Iran and Iraq were thinking for. 

The earthquake hit late Sunday night with the epicenter around  geographical region of the Iranian facet on the border, simply south of the Iraqi town of Halabja, As per the USA earth science Survey that tracks earthquake activity round the world.
Why Are Earthquakes in Iran So Deadly ?The quake was at a depth of twenty three klick (just over fourteen miles), that is taken into account shallow, as per the survey. Not only Iraq and Iran but effects  of this  disaster was also felt across the region of Pakistan, Lebanon, Kuwait and some closer countries, as it was of the magnitude of 7.3 it was a powerful one. 
Iraq’s meteoric Organization issued a warning on Iraqi state TV urging people to remain aloof from buildings and to refrain from victimization elevators.
Why Are Earthquakes in Iran So Deadly ?Iranian President Hassan Rouhani planned to travel Kermanshah to supervise rescue work on Tues, Iranian state TV reported. The country's interior and health ministers are already there to supervise the rescue operations. 
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi tweeted on  Monday that he 'instructed protection groups and health and aid agencies to try to all that they'll to produce assistance' to those plagued by the quake.
Meanwhile in Islamic Republic of Iran, the country's Supreme Leader religious leader Ali Khamenei sent a message of acknowledgment and urged military and civilian facilitates to be sent to quake victims. The Iranian Red Crescent Society was operating within the hard-hit  areas, with individual dogs, debris-removal groups, and groups providing emergency shelter and treatment,  Mansoureh Bagheri, a spokesperson for the Iranian Red Crescent in capital of Iran told..
More than five hundred villages within the region suffered harm and numbers of people who died are increased to 450, This time all we need to do is  to pray for them and try to provide help as possible.