What are reserved words?

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What are reserved words?

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'Reserve Word'

In terms of programming language Reserve Words are those words which have a fixed meaning and can’t be redefined by the programmers. In other words you can say that it is predefined words.

List of reserved words per programming language:

  •  C++ - 92
  •  Python 2 - 31
  •  Python 3 - 33
  •  Ruby - 41
  •  Golang - 25
  • Java - 53
  • Scala - 50

Some Reserve Words  are-

adouble                      else                              enum                  eval

bstract                     arguments                     await                 boolean

break                         byte                                  case                     catch

finally                         float                                 for                         function

char                             class                               const                    continue

debugger                   default                         delete                     do

export                         extends                         false                             final

goto                             if                                       implements             import

throw                         throws                               transient                 true

in                                 instanceof                         int                             interface

let                                long                                   native                         new

null                             package                             private                     protected

public                         return                                 short                         static

super                         switch                                 synchronized             this

try                             typeof                                     var                                 void

volatile                     while                                       with                                yield