How to apply for British citizenship?

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How to apply for British citizenship?

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Coveting for a British Citizenship!

How to apply for British citizenship?

Well, owing the citizenship of British is not that easy…

You need to go through a long-long procedure to get it done… Else you might be striving to reach your ambition of becoming a citizen of UK

Now, it would be a long procedure, as I have mentioned in the last statement, so here we go…!

Starting-Off with the initial procedure you should first be aware of this fact that whether or not, you are eligible for applying for the citizenship of British…

So how, would you be able to do so...?

1. Check if You Can Apply:

How to apply for British citizenship?

Here you can go through the following guidelines which you need to fulfill… that is:

  • You must be 18 or 18 above
  • You must have a good character, which actually signifies you should not be involved with any serious issues or criminal case and must not be involved in any such immigration activities in past 10 years 
  • You should also be having a good knowledge of English and the life in the UK and its requirement should be fulfilled
  • The Residency requirement should be met

Before that you must have check also on this:

How to apply for British citizenship?

  •  At least a stay of 5 years is just for one before he/she should apply for it
  •  One must not spend more than 450 days out the UK vicinity, during that 5 year of tenure
  •  Also, one must not spend 90 days, out the vicinity of UK in the past 12 months of the applied date
  •  Being settled in the UK from past a year, if you are an outsider of European Economic Area (EEA)
  •  Must owe a permanent residence status for last 12 months, if you been the citizen of an EEA Country- thus, you need to display the proof of your permanent residence
  • Have not unfollowed any immigration laws while being in the UK

2. If done with all these formalities… then congratulations, you are eligible for the application for British Citizenship!

How to apply for British citizenship?

You have got three options to apply for it:

  •  Apply Individually
  •  Via using National Checking Services (NCS)
  •  Requesting a delegate

Applying Individually: Being independent haan! So, here you go filling up the form…

How to apply for British citizenship?

  • Apply Online
  • Fill the Form and post it to the address mentioned on the form

So, cautious note for you folks… that read the each and every point of guidance and requirements mentioned in a booklet for knowing about the fact whether or not you are eligible and what all documents are required to get your application be approved.

Take a help of your computer to apply online…

Hit on the following sites for applying:

  • Accessing the WEB
  • Scrolling over GOV.UK for the correct information

You won’t be able to access the following information or have any advice on the following functions:

  •  Whether or not are an eligible candidate for Application
  •  Information that you would be displaying the Application
  •  Status of the application that you have already made

Applying via NCS:

How to apply for British citizenship?

It is basically run by the councils been locally established, they would definitely be inviting open-handed for your application.

Do check his/her NCS… before proceeding with the formalities of the application

Requesting a delegate:

How to apply for British citizenship?

A delegate can definitely equip you with the hell lot of information, regarding the application… But again do have a check on the registration of the representative with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).

Switching over the barristers, who aren’t registered with OISC. They would include:

  •  Bar of the General Council
  •  Law Society of Wales and England
  •  Chartered Institute of Legal Executives
  •  Advocates’ Faculty
  •  Law Society of Scotland
  •  General Council of the Bar of Northern Ireland
  •  Law Society of Northern Ireland

Now the question arises where you need to submit this application…

3.So, simply post this application to the given address mentioned below:


Department 1

The Capital

New Hall Place


L3 9PP

And if you are from any other country…

Then forward your application to UK VISAS and Immigration to the below mentioned address:

Department 1

UK Visas and Immigration

PO BOX 306


L2 0QN

As soon as your application is been received by them…

You would be receiving a confirmation letter from their end confirming your application. It might take a tenure of about 4 weeks if you are hassled about your application confirmation… so relax

A decision would be made over your application, within the 6 months after it’s receiving…

You would be informed if more information is been queried from you. You are free to contact UK Visas and Immigration in case the change in your scenario while the processing of your application.

Free to write them at:


You would be asked to go through an interview without an interpreter. So, watch out…

And you are all set to fly to the UK as its Citizen… ;)


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