Is social media making people addictive ?

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Royce Roy answered 13-Nov-2017 by Royce Roy
its very true as people are more into social media and they spend lot of hours in social media from last few years. but blaming social media for making people addict of it isn't correct. as we know every thing which gets popular or trendy gets have some pros and cons.
If you are a social media addict, and your addiction is obtaining worse, there is a reason for that: Most of the main social network firms, yet as social content creators, area unit operating exhausting daily to create their networks thus habit-forming that you just cannot resist them.

The site and study area unit attention-grabbing as a result of they discovered the issue folks have quitting Facebook attributable to addiction. Participants supposed to quit, needed to quit and believed they may quit (for ninety nine days), however several could not create over many days.
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Anonymous User answered 16-Nov-2017 by Anonymous User

Is social media making people addictive ?

Social Media!

Been one of the hot topics of the trend…

Well, yes social media do make humans addictive… Now you might be thinking… How?

Hence, stop for a while and observe your surrounding for a minute….

What did you observe?

Well, let me make it easy for you… You might have observed that these so-called Social Animals are been social only virtually but not physically…

Is social media making people addictive ?

People nowadays are been into it in such a way that, they forget to have food moreover to that, they forget that someone really close to them is sitting just next to them…

Walking on the road they are into business investments but not into traffic awareness…

During their family time, they are into business meetings over a social media…

Is social media making people addictive ?

I guess, what I have observed the same might have been observed by you also…

Hence, to overcome this in a family, we actually need to educate our children and adults about the basic home etiquettes that are important for the overall development of the being.

Hope you understand what, I am trying to let you know!

All The Best!