is gyming necessary aren't there other ways to maintain basic fitness?

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Ehhhh! Sounds so painful…
Well! Yeah, there are several other methods by which you can easily be fit mentally as well as physically and they are:
Meditation: It helps in the rejuvenation of your entire body, by making it completely relaxed and calm… The state during meditation where the heart beats are naturally lower at its rate is the most effective state for maintaining the body environment internally. If you want to learn meditation go on to this website for further learning…
is gyming necessary aren
• Yoga: It is again been one of the most effective ways to stay fit, which helps in the proper blood flow in each and every body part and organs of a body. There are following postures of yoga that benefits you more than anything else
is gyming necessary aren

• Brisk Walk/Run: Walking in between nature is the beautiful and fresh essence that one could ever experience. As the silence of nature where they are conversing with you and you just silently hear what to want to convey to you... Well, also this helps in the instant blood flow in the body and brain which helps you to think better and evolve out with beautiful ideas
And so on… Well, the list would be endless to go about, start with these and see the change in you…
is gyming necessary aren

Hence, Experiment and Believe!
All The Best!

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Nicely answered.